OctoMY™ Plans are files made from plain text used to describe the relationship between the different tiers in OctoMY™ with roles and tasks defined for each part in detail.

Plans are divided into two main sections:

  • Specs: The specs section lists detailed technical descriptions of each tier with sufficient information to identify them via discovery or pairing.
  • Plan: The plan is a final section with detailed description of how each tier listed in specs should be configured and how it will communicate with the other tiers.


The tier that owns the plan is called the skeptron, and it must be trusted by all tiers mentioned in the plan for it to become effective. In other words, each tier may decide on it's own if it wants to accept a plan, and usually plans are only accepted when coming from trusted tiers.

Tier description

The internal description that each tier has of themselves is composed of two parts:

  • Auto detected: The parts that each tier is able to automatically discover about themselves by probing and enumerating
  • Specified: The part that needs to be specified by hand for each tier.

Many essential features such as GPS, cameras and network capabilities are auto-detectable, while more exotic features such as access to specific online resources (for hubs) or the availability of certain attached controllers or extra sensors (for agent) must be done manually. The manually specified features are given through spec sections of the plan file.

Spec sections

Specs can be arranged in a hierarchy to support inheritance. The most detailed specs are hidden from the user and are simply referenced as parents for new specs that need their features as a basis to build further on. For example, the spec for the hexy robot has many intricate settings spesific to the hexy robot, such as the settings for the serial connection and details about the server controller board. If you want to make a hexy class robot in your plan, simply inherit the built in hexy spec and change the parameters that matter to you.



Plan section

There can be many spec sections but only one plan section for each plan document. It must always come last. The plan section has different content to the spec sections. While spec section concentrate on explaining the physical properties and configuration values for each tier, plan focuses on the goal the robot is trying to achieve.