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Peer Discovery

OctomMY™ tries to simplify discovery of other tiers. What does this mean?

Discovery means finding other OctoMY™ tiers nearby, where nearby has a rather broad meaning for convenience' sake:

  • Local Network Discovery: Find tiers on same local network (zeroconf)
  • Bluetooth Discovery: Find tiers within bluetooth range (QBluetoothDeviceDiscoveryAgent)
  • NFC Discovery: Find tiers via NFC (QNearFieldManager)
  • Camera Discovery: Find tiers in camera viewfinder (zbar + QCamera + QRWidget)
  • Zoo Discovery: Find tiers via the online robot community (

All discovery works in the same basic way:

  • User puts tier into "pairing mode" when she wants the tier to be found or to find others.
  • A list of remembered and newly discovered tiers is presented in a way that allows the user to select which tiers to pair with, and which tiers to ignore.

Camera Discovery

Camera discovery is a unique concept that allows OctoMY™ tiers to discover each other using their camera and a QR "badge" displayed on screen. This can be used to pair when no network is available, or as a security measure as part of multi-factor authentication

Zoo Discovery

The OctoMY™ zoo is a place where tiers may register themselves and organize into social groups. Tiers may share data among themselves with varying degrees of privacy. It's a little like Facebook for robots. All publicly shared tiers as well as tiers explicitly shared with you will become available for discovery


Each tier holds a list of "acquaintances" that are in one of the following statuses:

  • Discovered: A node that has been discovered but not paired or ignored.
  • Ignored: When you really don't care about a tier.
  • Paired: A node that you trust and that you have accepted as a "friend".

Pairing can be done in different way and with different levels of security depending on your needs. Here are some commons ways:

  • zero-sec: Blindly trust a stranger. Fine for hobby projects when you want to save time. Not recommended for zoo friends.
  • PSK: Provide evidence that the user has access to both tiers by verifying a pre-shared key.
  • MFA: Provide multiple evidence that the user has access to both tiers by verifying pre-shared keys over several different protocols (such as over lan + bluetooth + camera). Made for the paranoids, and for supporting dangerous robots.