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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does OctoMY™ cost?

OctoMY™ is a a community driven free and open-source project. You can download it and use it for free. You can also download and change the source code to your liking. For more about the license read this page.

If you find it useful and would like to contribute back, you can help us fix bugs, add features or write documentation. You can also help us in other ways such as donating parts to test with etc. Read more on how to help here.

Who made OctoMY™?

The OctoMY™ project was started by Lennart Rolland in January 2016. Since then there has been several contributors. The story about the project can be read in it's entirety here.

Is OctoMY™ready to be used?

Yes and no.

OctoMY™is a hugely ambitious project. It has a really long and complex feature-list .
Many features are already implemented while many need lots of work. The current status can be summarized as follows (as of September 2017);

  • Binaries are not provided yet.
  • It currently only builds for Ubuntu and Android, all other platforms such as iOS/OSX and Windows are untested and will most likely need some work.
  • One really important part is not complete; the CommsChannel was in need of major architectural overhaul, and this is still on-going.
  • Zoo is not in production so any pairing will not work unless you run a local zoo.
You can still download the code, build it and run it, and explore the user interfaces, and the features not related to CommsChannel.

Will OctoMY™support feature X?

We are open to suggestions! You can contact us through this page. However we cannot guarantee that your wishes are implemented. We already have a huge backlog of work on basic features that has high priority.

The most sure-fire way to have your ideas implemented are to implement them yourself. A clean and compliant pull request will be accepted almost guaranteed.

Do you earn money from OctoMY™

I (Lennart Rolland) can only speak for myself. This is my life work. I spend all my hard-earned money on robot parts and any spare moment developing this project.

If I was able to earn a living working on OctoMY™that would mean I could quit my day job and start working on OctoMY™ full time, but this will most likely never happen.

What is OctoMY™?

OctoMY™ is a suite of apps and programs that you can download for free and run on your mobile device to control robots.
The software is completely free, and if you are a developer you can make changes to it to improve it or adapt it to your project.
Read this page to learn more about what features OctoMY™ contains.
Read this pare to lean more about the history of the OctoMY™project.

What is Agent?

Agent is an app that is supposed to run on a mobile device inside your robot. It is in charge of directly controlling the actuators and other features of your robot.
Typically it carries this out by sending a serial signal over USB or Bluetooth to an Arduino based controller board.

What is Remote?

Remote is an app that is supposed to run on a mobile device that you carry. It will allow you to control a robot running Agent wirelessly. It has many cool modes to let you drive the robot, look at a live video stream from the robot, display facial expressions, make creepy voices, play back pose sequences or send your robot exploring autonomously.

What is Hub?

Hub is a software that is supposed to run on a computer with a larger screen, such as a tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

It will allow you to perform the same functions as the Remote, however it also allows you to do more advanced things, such as  group robots together and allow them to collaborate.

This software is still on the drawing board, and it's feature set will grow in the future, and now there is a Hub software with some experimental features being implemented.

What is ArduMY™

ArduMY™ is the serial protocol that OctoMY™Agents use when controlling Arduino-based robot controller cards. Before you can use it, you must flash the compatible ArduMY™ firmware image on your Arduino controller. There is extensive documentation on how to carry out this process here.

What is Arduino?

Arduino is a popular hardware and software platform for hobby tinkerers based on Atmel microcontrollers. You can read more about Arduino here.