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Feature list

Goals for the project in general

  • OctoMY™ Is faststable and ultimately flexible.
  • It has a friendly user interface for beginners while not getting in the way of the experts.
  • It takes care of many boring but important things like pairing of devices, maintaining connections over unstable links, security etc.
  • It is distributed by nature and allows for many complex configurations like flocking.
  • It is extensible, and the API will allow new features to be added with ease.

Platform Support

Ubuntu Linux YES
Android YES
Windows PLANNED*

*NOTE: OctoMY™ really only depends on Qt5 which supports many platforms.

Common features

Keystore management (RSA) WORKING
Identicon generation & display WORKING
Peer discovery over HTTP (via OctoMY™ Zoo) WORKING
Peer discovery over UDP WIP
Peer discovery over Bluetooth PLANNED
Peer discovery over NFC PLANNED
Peer discovery over camera (QR) WIP
Peer communication over UDP WIP
Robust UDP protocol WIP
UDP throttling WIP
UDP hole punching WIP

OctoMY™ Agent

Gait planner for hexapod+ WIP
Control protocol for Hexy WORKING
Control protocol for Arduino (ArduMY™) WORKING
Hardware configuration wizard WORKING
CreepyVoice™ unique voice text to speech WORKING
Customizable main screen WORKING
Unique iris generator and eyes display WORKING
Expressive face WORKING
Log display WORKING
Real-time stats display WORKING

OctoMY™ Remote

Actuator control (direct individual actuaotrs like servos) WIP
Pose recorder and sequencer PLANNED
Path control (direct agents via markes on map) WIP
Speech control (send text for agent to say) WIP
Expression control (send expression for agent face to show) WIP
Stats view (show stats from agents in realtime) WIP
Stats view (show stats from agents in realtime) WIP
Flight HUD view WIP
Drive HUD view PLANNED

OctoMY™ Hub

Embedded Remote PLANNED
Agent & Remote groups management PLANNED
Plan editor WIP
Situation map view WIP

OctoMY™ Zoo

Peer discovery service WORKING
Scaleable dynamic httpd engine WORKING
Background session pruning WORKING
Zoo directory webpage with blog per agent PLANNED