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Item Description
Distribute resources All resources in the project are kept in a set of type specific resource files under OctoMY/src/libs/libcore/resources. Instead we would like to separate resources by the part to which they belong, so for example icons and fonts related to map should be part of libmap. Suggested artchitecture is simply to have a folder "resources" in the root of the lib folder where resources for that lib are collected.
 Distribute forms/ui  Most forms and widgets are kept in one folder for legacy reasons. They should instead be distributed under a each library to which they belong.
Merge libcore with utilities Currently the arrangement of having a libcore with all the "general stuff" and also having a libutil with "other general stuff" should be fixed. Proposed fix is to create a well defined hierarchy where libcore consists of all "deeply dependent, intrinsic parts of OctoMY" while libutil consists of "independent, useful tools that are useful in their own right.