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Setting up environment

Download QtCreator

It is available under free/open-source license here.

Installing QtCreator

A tutorial on installing QtCreator on Ubuntu is available here.

Set local build variables

Create a file called local_overrides.pri in the same folder as common.pri, and put whatever local adaptions you need there. This allows you to make changes and test stuff without comiting it to git. It is included like this:
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Note that ANY valid qmake syntax can be put in this file as it is simply included, so care should be taken not to introduce mistakes. A common feature often put in local_overrides.pri are compile time switches to turn on/off features for the build to save time or avoid dependencies. Here is an example:

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Tips & tricks

Let the compiler help you. The pedantic warnings should be enabled by default in the build configuration so that your compiler will find potential problems and weaknesses in your code for you, and over time, help you to help your self, just like this guy:

(...and if you get bored one day, you can always poison his fish).

The build configuration in OctoMY™ is already set to a rather strict setting by default, so all you have to do is make sure that the number of warnings did not increase before you submit your code.