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Core Values

Here are the core values that the participants of the project strive to adhere to while developing the project and moving it forward. For every change we make that does not adhere to these ambitions we are moving a little bit away from our goal, even if we add a cool feature. Conversely, if we make changes to increase the adherence to the design philosophy without actually adding any new cool features, we would add value to the project.

This kind of thinking usually is well understood by experienced developers, however for young and impatient devs who are eager to make their mark on the world it can be hard to live by design philosophies. Also there is no one right way™ in development, and many projects and developers choose with good reasons to not care about this kind of stuff. However OctoMY™DOES  care about this, and as the founder of this project I firmly believe it will become one of this project's major selling point that we are continuously obsessed with the design philosophies of the project.

The most important philosophy is that of kanzen. Roughly translated from Japanese it means "completeness". And my interpretation of kanzen is to continuously strive for perfection. Every little change should improve the total just a little. If the change you are about to make does not improve the total, then it is waste.

Kanzen can be diversified into a whole lot of concrete advice, which might make it easier to follow. 
Without further ado, here is a  list of kanzen that we strive to adhere to in the OctoMY™project:
  • Well Defined Project Purpose
  • Well Branded Project
  • Good Project Web Presence
  • Well Documented For Beginner
  • Well Documented For Expert
  • Well Documented For Developer
  • Well Documented On All Platforms
  • Well Designed Code-base
  • No Unnecessary Dependencies
  • All Dependencies Statically linkable
  • Hardware Accelerated
  • Cross Platform
  • Vertically Scaleable
  • Horizontally Scaleable
  • High Performance
  • State Of The Art Features
  • Nimble Code-base
  • Nimble Resources
  • Binary Embedded Resources
  • Open Source License
  • Commercial Friendly License
  • Best Practice Patterns
  • Good Looking UX
  • Consistent API
  • Embedable Code
  • Modular Code
  • Warning Free Build
  • Consistent UX
  • Beginner Friendly UX
  • Expert Friendly UX
  • Beginner friendly Code-base
  • Expert Friendly Code-base
  • Fluid UX
  • Full Unit Test Coverage
  • Full Integration Test Coverage
All these point are subjective, as a part of the OctoMY™ development team it is your duty to find the best interpretation of kanzen in the project and implement it as part of your work.