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Local development


  1. Install recent git
  2. Download and install Qt.
  3. [optional}: Install Android support .


  1. Clone the OctoMY git repository into a dedicated project folder
  2. Open the main project file file in top level of project folder with QtCreator
  3. Select your favorite kit (and make sure to select  -j make flag to speed up build time)
  4. Select each target in turn (agent, remote, hub) and build + run them (ctrl + b, ctrl + r).

At this point you should be set up for developing on OctoMY™ and submitting merge requests!

NOTE: The main development effort has been done under Ubuntu from the start and while I have successfully compiled the project for other platforms, YMMV. Help to get the project running well with other OSes like OSX or Windows is greatly appreciated!