The development environment for OctoMY based on C++/Qt5 including the Qt build system qmake.

Qt comes with it's own IDE called QtCreator which integrates all of Qt's tools. After integrating the Android development tools, QtCreator will also control the build of Android apps transparently.


The remote and agent nodes in the project are meant to be easily run from mobile device.

NOTE: I have only tested this with Android, but Qt promises support for other mobile platforms as well. Any effort to get the project running with other mobile platforms like iOS is welcome!


Below is an (old)  screenshot of OctoMY™ remote tier compiled for Android ARM and running in the emulator. (tutorial for getting up and running with Android development in Qt)

octomy remote for android

Qt Company New Logo


Qt was selected because it is a really good architectural fit for the  project. I also happen to enjoy the Qt  platform. It is my hope that you will find this platform enjoyable to work with too!

I wrote a post on stack overflow on why Qt would be good for game development. In many respects this answer also answers why Qt is a good fit for OctoMY™.