ArduMY™ is a protocol designed to communicate robot actuator configuration and state from OctoMY™ to Arduino® over a serial link, either wired (D-SUB/USB) or wireless (Bluetooth).

While ArduMY™ is (as the name suggests) geared towards Arduno, it was made in a way that would make it easily adaptible to other MCU/SOC devices.

The main features of the protocol is as follows:
  • Nimble: It should use as little data as possible both in transfer as well as in memory.
  • Efficient: Don't tax any CPUs or MCUs unnecessarily.
  • Portable: The ArduMY™ is a sub-project that can be used outside OctoMY, and does not rely on Qt5.
  • Flexible: The protocol supports a lot of different actuators with a lot of optional features out of the box, and adding new actuator types, as well as new optonal features should be relatively easy.
  • Compatible: ArduMY™ should run on about any Arduino® compatible device, be it small or big, expensive or cheap, real or clone. It is also expected that the protocol will be backwards compatible with older versions of the protocol, and that when interfacing devices with different ArduMY™ protocol versions ,in the worst case we will simply miss the new features added to the new version.
  • Robust: The test-code for ArduMY™is several times larger than the implementation itself and strives for 100% coverage by unit tests, partial-integration tests, black-box tests, fuzzing tests and finally stress tests. This means that any adverse effects from changes to the code should be picked up easily and fixed.