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Donate Money


You can donate to this project through Patreon.  
OctoMY Patreon page )


You can easily make a one-time contribution using PayPal. Simply type in the amount you want to donate and press the button labeled Donate!

From the next screen you can select to pay with credit card or using a pay-pal account.

OctoMY™ Paypal donation

Example amounts:

Energy drink (for those long nights hacking) $ 2.00
Day of web-hosting for Zoo $ 7.00
Average hobby robot part $ 42.00
Awesome hobby robot kit $ 1337.00

NOTE: The money will be spent on any of the following:

  • Hardware & parts
  • Hosting expenses
  • Development time

Donate Gear

If you have a robot, parts or tools to spare, you can donate it or lend it to OctoMY™.

We are primarily interested in robots that are not well supported yet. Please see our supported hardware page for info on what robots are already supported. Parts and tools are always welcome, 

Please get in touch and we will figure it out!

Adopt gear to OctoMY™