If you want to put your skills to good use for the benefit of OctoMY™ users worldwide, we welcome your contributions!

Please see ways to contact us.

This project needs:
  • UX/UI Design (Qt widgets/QML)
  • Graphics development (OpenGL/Qt)
  • Network programming (Qt)
  • Documentation
  • Translation
  • Dynamics/Kinematics/IK
  • Design
  • Build/Release management
  • Testing
  • Platform integration
  • ... 

The list really goes on, and I am sure you will know better than I where your contribution can make the biggest impact.

Teach a beginner

When the time is right, we want to set up an apprenticeship where we match pairs of users where one is more senior than the other with the goal of giving everyone an opportunity to learn efficiently. OctoMY™ is already a large project with many facets that will take a long time to learn on your own.

Donations & Sponsorship

Donate Money

You can easily make a one-time contribution using PayPal. On the next screen, you can choose to pay with your credit card or using a pay-pal account.

Example amounts:

Day of webhosting $ 24.00
Hour of software development $ 40.00
Average robot part $ 100.00
Average robot kit $ 400.00

NOTE: The money will be spent on hardware for testing as well as hosting expenses for OctoMY™ Zoo.

Donate Gear

If you are a private person with a robot to spare, you can donate it or lend it to OctoMY™ We are primarily interested in parts that are popular and/or that is not well supported already, so that we may upgrade to become compatible. Please see our supported hardware page for more info, or get in touch.

Buy stuff

We really don't produce anything, but we have deals with several affiliate programs for products that we recommend. This way if you decide to buy it, part of the revenue will reach us. Please visit our shop page for more info.

Commercial Sponsorship

If you represent a company you may sponsor us in a number of ways.

  • Donate or lend us hardware for compatibility testing.
  • Apply for official seal of approval to have our badge on your product.
  • Put banner ads on our page for a fee.
  • Beyond this, we are open to suggestions. Please just get in touch.

NOTE: Due to our status as an open-source not-for-profit project we may not be able to accept your sponsorship request.