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 2017-01-27 Lennart realized that the world is changing, and so after long and careful deliberation he decided to change the OctoMY™ project from a somewhat "advanced hobby project" to a project with a real mission.

The official OctoMY™mandate was created and subsequently all the communication was changed to align with the goals of the mandate.

 2017-01-07 The project celebrated 1st year anniversary.


 2016-12-31 By the end of it's first year, the OctoMY™project had come surprisingly far!
  • The project compiled to Desktop and Android targets.
  • The project had an alright security model in its core.
  • Lot's of time had gone into making it user-friendly for the beginner while not getting in the way of the experts, and it showed.
  • The project was running very stable thanks to the author having quality in mind from the start. It had already started racking up quite a lot of automated tests.
  • It incorporated a protocol for discovery, pairing and communication with peers over UDP.
  • It incorporated a gait planner for legged robots.
  • It incorporated facial expressions, speech, stats logging and a HUD.
  • It was still very much work in progress, and features would break every day. It was still not ready for the masses, but very close.
 2016-03-20The OctoMY™ blog was started! It was actually converted from Lennart's old personal blog, but since that blog had already started talking 90% about the OctoMY™project, a name and brand change was in order.

 2016-01-07 The OctoMY™ project was started, after Lennart bought one of these:
to this guy:

for X-Mas.

After we had a great time assembling it he was shocked at the poor state of the software that came with the kit. It barely managed to play back some pre-recorded animations, and definitely none of the fancy Phoenix stuff that we anticipated after watching a whole lot of videos on YouTube.

So as an experienced developer and hobby robot enthusiast Lennart set out to "correct  the problem". This was the beginning of the OctoMY™project, and while the scope has grown significantly since then, the basic idea is still the same; bring the cool stuff to the masses in an easy way.

Days of yore

In the beginning Lennart had a personal blog about making hobby robot stuff. It started rather innocently, but quickly grew more advanced over the years.