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How to get in touch

Email Message project directly via email.
Form Go to anonymous contact form.
Github Go to github page.
Reddit Go to subreddit.

IRC Join #octomy on irc.freenode.net.
NOTE: This channels is young and may not be manned every day.

Image result for lonely robot*Image courtesy Matt Dixon.

Prefer other ways of contact?

We want to be on as many platforms as possible, but as a small team we really don't have the capacity. Do you feel like helping out? Suggestions on what platform you can maintain for the project are below:

Facebook  Facebook We don't have FB (yet). You can start it*!
Twitter Twitter We don't have twitter (yet). You can start it*!
YouTube Plan is underway.
Twitch Twitch We don't have twitch (yet). You can start it*!
Google Plus Google Plus We don't have G+ (yet). You can start it*!
Reddit Reddit Plan is ion the works!
Instagram We don't have insta (yet). You can start it*!
Slack We don't have slack (yet). You can start it*!

 We don't have snapchat (yet). You can start it*!

* - Please get in touch before starting, we need to coordinate our efforts. Oh, and maintaining a channel like this is a lot of work, so be prepared for that.

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