You, owned by <big company>?

In a few years time, every aspect of your life is going to be accompanied by one or more robotic agents. Why? The internet of things (IoT) will envelop every appliance around you, from your dishwasher to you car. Some devices are already on their way like your smartphone or TV.

When that time is upon us, the software running on your devices will get more autonomous and smart every day. They will silently record video and audio in your home and funnel them through millions of lines of proprietary code developed by for-profit organizations that reserves the right to use this information against you.

We believe that this is in fact, a real prediction of our near future, a prediction that we don't necessarily like.

The alternative

How could  there be an alternative to this prediction? Well, what if there was a not-for-profit organization that had as its mandate to ensure that your privacy is first priority?

And that this organization made a software that would install on your appliances to guarantee that you are in control?

And by engaging a well organized, growing, thriving community of talented designers, makers, developers, hackers and creators world wide this software would actually be able to compete head to head with the big companies and win on merits such as qualityease of usesecurity and features?

If this sounds a little bonkers to you, then let me put some facts before you:
  • OctoMY™ is in fact a not-for-profit organization with a mandate that clearly states that the user's privacy is first priority.
  • It has already developed software that can be installed on your hobby robot project.
  • This software already has a list of high-end traits like:
    • Real security.
    • Robust.
    • Easy to use.
    • Lot's of advanced features supported.
    • Cross platform.
    • Nimble.
    • High performance.
  • OctoMY™ is is actively seeking participants to join the ongoing effort.
It also might surprise you that a similar revolution has already happened before. Ever hear the story about Linux?

In fact we are so confident in this project, we predict that in time it will be so good that businesses will switch to OctoMY™ instead of their own proprietary stuff.

We know, crazy right?


Concretely speaking, the project consists of a distributed application written in C++ & leveraging  Qt5 for running and controlling robots.

The OctoMY™ project aims to collect a complete set of features that can be put into use for different robots to make them come alive with features such as:

  • Advanced remote controls that allow for features for walking and articulation as is seen in the famous phoenix project.
  • Processing of camera inputs to allow for SLAM and other cool features.
  • HUD that can overlay cool sci-fi like graphics on the remote that is actually functional and used to control the robot.

The list of features is expected to grow exponentially with the number of contributors as soon as the first initial version is out.

Current Status

The status of OctoMY™ is currently "continuously frantic development with occasional successful builds and new features added every day".

As with all overly ambitious projects, the code base has evolved in stages from a simple working prototype to a more self confident but prolonged cycle of development.

Here is the ever-growing list of features in full, and updated build status.

What's in a name?

OctoMY™ is a catchy and  hopefully descriptive frankenword between octo - meaning "pertaining to 8" and anatomy- meaning " the bodily structure of an organism".

There really isn't a good reason to emphasize the "8" part as the project is designed to work just as well on any number of limbs, and while the word is a loose hyponym for Hexapod, the "leg" part should not be inferred. I just chose 8 because the initial robot that I wrote the software for (and that you can read about in the blog) happened to have 8 legs.

In other words, OctoMY is made for robots both small and big with any number of wings, tentacles, wheels threads or otherwise.


Official OctoMY™ logo in PNG image format

The Logo is a simplified graphical representation of an octopod (8-legged) robot, with the number 8 hidden as a shape. Also, the smiling face is literally from the initial goal of OctoMY, namely to "put a smiling face on your robot". Many alternate faces have been tried, but the first almost ironic face shape has stuck.